Women's Power Networking is dedicated to enabling professional women to achieve their highest potential by fostering a stimulating environment where they can form relationships, build alliances, share knowledge and provide support to one another. WPN celebrates the concept of womanhood and its outpouring of compassion, goodwill and encouragement.

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Women of WomensPower Networking

Weekly Networking Meetings — Held every week, a Coffee & Contacts™ meeting is your chance to network, meet other professional women, make new friends, expand your social and professional alliances and develop a mutually profitable referral base.

Power Lunch — On a monthly basis, Power Lunches provide members, guests and visitors an opportunity to join together to listen to a dynamic local or national speaker while enjoying a fine meal in the ambiance of a local restaurant.

Monthly Executive Roundtable — Professionally facilitated monthly summits designed to enlighten and energize professional women everywhere and take your business to the next level of self-motivated success. Here is your opportunity to learn from and share insights with other business leaders and power players about how to grow personally, professionally and profitably.

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