Woot!  I just celebrated 5 years as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader in May, 2014.   Laughter Yoga (LY)  is the one exercise program that I've been able to do for over five years (2 or 3 times a week at least)  and not get tired of it!  I was reflecting about why that is and I think the main reason that I enjoy it so much is the human contact and bonding aspect of it.  We live in a very interesting time of connectivity through the Internet. This is a world where we can talk to anyone instantly around the globe with advancing technology and yet this same tool also contributes to our separateness. We have all seen it  in cartoons and also in real-life, where people are sitting around on couches and chairs in the same room all texting (maybe even each other)  on their cell phones, doing video games, watching TV etc.. Those of us that grew up without phones and other available diversions spend a lot more time actually looking at each other in the eye and interacting, with play being the main vehicle.

Laughter Yoga is just play!  Laughter Yoga is looking people in the eye, doing fun, positive exercises with them, and laughing together.  LY creates a bond that is not easily broken, even if you don't see that person for a long time. Chances are good that you will remember their smile, the twinkle in their eye, and the fun you had together.

Sure LY is great aerobic exercise, awesome for your immune system, promotes deeper breathing, provides stress relief, and a myriad of other healthy benefits, but the best part is getting to play and laugh with real people on a regular basis.  It is awesome to be able to connect with each other in a very fun basic way through play.  If you are looking to raise your vibrational frequency then Laughter Yoga is for you!

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Comment by Marion Youngblood on August 1, 2014 at 10:06am

I love this line in your article, "Chances are good that you will remember their smile, the twinkle in their eye, and the fun you had together." That feels wonderful and brings a smile to my face as I read it. Let's create a world with more of that in it!

Comment by WPN Admin on July 30, 2014 at 11:34am

Hi Jodi - Do you do classic yoga postures like downward facing dog in this type of yoga?  Interesting!  Thanks for sharing. 

-Chris/WPN Admin

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